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Stage Talk Newsletter

January 2014

PHOTO CDS . . . are ready for pick-up and we have some extras available if you would still like to purchase (Photo CD $7 or with music $10). Check at the front desk for information.

January 6-9 you may invite a friend, family member, or neighbor to class with you. Let them join you for some fun this winter -- if you missed this week, bring them with you the week of Jan 20-23!

January 20-23 is Pajama Week at the studio. All students are invited to wear their favorite pajamas to the studio during these dull winter months.


RECITAL UPDATE . . . . The Holiday Benefit Recital was a success!  GREAT JOB GIRLS!

WINTER SESSION . . . . Anyone interested in attending classes, pick up a brochure at the front desk. Students may sign-up for classes anytime.

BRING A FRIEND WEEK . . . . January 6-9

PAJAMA WEEK . . . . . . . . . . . . . January 20-23

Preschool:  Markese Mertz
Combo Dance:  Natalie Vogel
Dance:  Anna Jeffries
Baton:  Grace Etgen
Tumbling:  Allison Smith
Pom:  Haylie Bowlby


January 6-9 . . . Bring A Friend Week
January 9 . . . . Class Fees Due
January 16 . . . Market Day Fundraiser Due
January 20-23 . . . PJ Week
January 21 . . Market Day Pick up
February 1 . . . Costume Balance Due

CLASS DRESS CODE . . . Please dress warmly to enter the studio, however, sweatshirts & jackets are not allowed during class.  Leotards, tops, shorts, and/or jazz pants are necessary.  Also, please replace any shoes that are worn out or have holes. You may order these at our studio!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY (JANUARY) . . . Nicki Fiely, Tinica Mertz,  Allison Smith, Micaela Wenning

CLASS CANCELLATIONS due to weather will be made at 3 pm.  You may look at the website or facebook or listen to K-94 (or their websites) or Center Stage Facebook.  Remember, just because school is cancelled, does not necessarily mean that the studio will be closed. Make-up classes will be scheduled as soon as possible after the closure. (For example, Tuesday Jan 7 classes were made-up on Wednesday, Jan 8.)

Each student should have made three deposits and/or participated in fundraisers. A statement will be handed to your child starting Jan 13 with the final balance information that includes costumes, t-shirt, recital fees, and accessories costs while deducting deposits and fundraisers. The costume management company that we utilize does not separate individual costume costs, so please refer to the September handout that was given to you at the beginning of the year. The balance is due no later than February 1. This may be paid by check, cash, or credit card.

There have also been many opportunities to raise money for the June Show and I want to congratulate those who participated and have been able to pay in its entirety or more than half. Many studios do not go out of their way to help lower cost in such a manner, but we have been doing this for 19 years and it works. So hat's off to you for making it worth it to make your fundraisers a success. I wish more people would have participated.

Please check our website for contest schedule. A list of competitions is currently being updated on our website. Make sure that your name is listed at the front desk as competing. If not, please add it at the bottom. The teams will be wearing the 2013 National t-shirts to competitions during March-May as well as the team jacket. These are available at the studio if you do not have one. Jackets are on display at the studio. Pick up an order form at the front desk and have form and payment turned in no later than February 1.


Any fundraiser after December will be used the following ways: Competition teams will use their money for registration fees. All other students will use their money for class fees.

Please make sure that you have read & understand the fundraising information that was handed to you in your September Newsletter & Policy Sheet. Keep on fundraising!!!

Thoughts For Winter

Visualize exactly what you want to accomplish then . . . get to work! Spin, fall, twist, fall, kick, ouch, spot, oops . . . So what if you have 4,000 failed attempts before you do it just once correctly! But once you do it correctly, there is no going back! Your goal has been reached!

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