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September 2013

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As stated in your information packet, all class fees need to be paid for by the due dates. Any accounts not paid for by the listed due date, will have a $15 late fee added to it for up to 7 days late, then a $30 late fee will be assessed up to 30 days late. Please be aware that all accounts need to be kept up-to-date unless other arrangements have been made.  Absenteeism is not an excuse for a late payment. Thank you!

Any students who are interested in taking a classes, please email me or stop by the academy prior to the class time to sign-up.  If someone has referred you, please make sure that you attach your Tuition Credit coupon to your registration form. Many classes have filled to capacity, so please make sure you ask which ones are still available or have a waiting list. Some classes may be added in order to accomodate your needs. 



 our seventeen Superstar Dance, Pom, and Baton Team members who were awarded nine National Titles in their respective divisions in Georgia this past July. I'm looking forward to pushing you even harder this year to make you the best you can be! I'm so proud of you!


Chelsea Davis and Julie Wadsworth



All class supplies will be ordered and need to be paid for by Thursday, September 5. The supplies will arrive the week of September 16.  Please read the handout regarding proper attire for classes. During the month of September, students who are awaiting their order may wear shorts & tank top and go barefoot.
Used shoes are available the first week of classes to purchase, however, we are not accepting anymore used shoes at this time.
The leotards used during class will need to be worn to every class. Handouts with information on proper shoes, tights, and leotards along with the price list should have been received.  You may wear any type of leotard you wish, however, no jean shorts, t-shirts, or sweatshirts are allowed.
All needed items are available to order at Center Stage with a discount of up to 50% off retail. Please do not purchase class supplies elsewhere unless I have suggested it, since we only wear/use a certain type or brand. This way you will not waste your money on items that won't be utilized or can't be returned. You may also order throughout the year on our sister website at


First Day of Class:  Class Installment Payment Due/Registration Fee Due 
September 2:  NO CLASSES (LABOR DAY)
September 6:  Market Day Orders Due
September 6:  Class Supplies Order & Payment Due
September 10-13: Bring A Friend Week (Compliments for Costumes)
September 11:  Market Day Pick up
September 16-October 3: Candle Fundraiser
 September 19: #2 Class Installment Payment Due 
September 26: Signed Information Sheet Due


Each student who wishes to participate in the June Showcase will be responsible for their June recital costume deposits of $25 per student on the following dates: October 1, November 1, December 1 and final balance February 1. ALL STUDENTS, except tumblers, MUST MAKE MANDATORY COSTUME DEPOSITS.
The Holiday Recital in December will utilize Holiday-style pajamas again this year.  Please do not purchase pajama gowns though, since these are hard to dance in.  Pant-style pajamas are preferred.

Our Holiday Benefit Showcase is still in the works and is tentatively set for December, 2013 and our Spring Showcase is tentatively set for the end of May, beginning of June 2013. More info will be handed out next month for those wishing to participate.


Everyone should received a referral coupon to hand out to friends so that they may attend a class at Center Stage.  Each friend that then registers for classes at the academy and participates for four full months entitles you and your friend to receive Complements for Costumes. This will entitle you and your friend one complimentary costume to be used at the End-of-Year Showcase. And you can refer more than one new student! So, don't forget to invite all your friends!!! 


If you have not picked up your photographs from our end-of-year recital, please check with the front desk to pick them up. We still have several students who have not done this. 

The academy has many classes that are close to their size limit.  We will be opening up duplicate classes the middle of October if necessary.  If you are willing to change class times, let me know after new class times are posted.  Also, some classes will be combined due to lack of participants.  A note with corrected day and time is posted on the academy door and this website.

E-Mail 9